Hello baby Maverick!

Wonderful news! I saw the first galah baby, Maverick this afternoon.

IMG_6789 - Copy

Mr Galah has to swing off the roof to get into the box. We removed the perch to stop predators landing on it.


Mr Galah pauses and looks out while feeding the babies.

IMG_6794 small

When he finishes feeding, he flies away.

IMG_6798 small

Mrs Galah takes a turn at feeding. She bows down as she brings food up.

IMG_6804 small

Mrs Galah surveys our back yard when she finishes feeding.

IMG_6805 small

Galahs finally move into the galah box!

After two years of nesting in the rosella box, the galahs have finally nested in the galah box. I first heard the babies 5 weeks and 3 days ago, so I might see the first one any day now. We had scary times with kookaburras trying to eat them, but I think that most or all survived. We hear them being fed all day long, even at 11pm!


Looking for the light

I’ve come to really love the first light and last light of the day. Even though I want to stay in bed in winter, I get up so I can see the sun rise at least once a week. I’m always glad I did.

I took this photo of a Black Falcon before the sun rose.



Look at the difference the sunrise made! That rich brown came to life.

The afternoon light is just as beautiful. I love seeing the trees turn yellow, then reddish.This Australian White Ibis is normally white. But with a bit of late afternoon light, it becomes a glorious gold and pink.




Nesting rosellas

A lot of time has passed since I first heard Mrs Rosella defending her nest (6 September), so I assumed the nesting had failed because we have had so many hot days (and terrible bushfires) and have had kookaburras hanging around the nesting boxes. But a few days ago I heard baby rosellas and I’m looking forward to seeing them so much.

IMG_4909 - Copy

Here is Mrs Rosella flying out of the box

IMG_4874 - Copy

Here are Mr and Mrs Rosella

IMG_8198 - Copy

Here are Mr and Mrs Rosella with Neil

IMG_9812 - Copy

Here are Mr and Mrs Rosella leaving the box together after feeding the babies

Baby galahs

We were thrilled to have 3 healthy baby galahs raised in our nesting box this season

P1060530 - Copy

My husband was able to get a photo which showed that 3 of the 4 eggs hatched.

IMG_7948 - Copy

This is our first glimpse of a baby: meet Neil

IMG_8188 - Copy

Neil got stronger.

IMG_8234 - Copy

He was well looked after by his parents.

IMG_8756 - Copy (2)

And then one day we saw Buzz.

IMG_8847 - Copy

IMG_8855 - Copy

Neil and Buzz looked out so much we couldn’t tell them apart.

IMG_8950 - Copy

We watched them being fed.

IMG_9307 - Copy - Copy

They were sooo cute!

IMG_9315 - Copy

And finally, when Neil left, little Svetlana got a chance to look out.

IMG_9405 - Copy

This is Svetlana on her last day in our yard.

IMG_9416 - Copy

And here she is being fed by Mrs Galah.

Birds in my backyard – 21 September, 2013

When we moved the galah box to a position under the rosella box, we were worried about the rosellas as well. Would either pair tolerate nesting near the other? Mr Galah regularly sits on the rosella perch and looks into the box, making the rosellas growl a warning. But both pairs are still in their boxes.

IMG_4874 - Copy

IMG_3639 - Copy