Respect (Values) by Kimberley Jane Pryor – Like some of the other books mentioned, this is an educational book that gives definitions and clarity about respect and what that looks like played out in our world. It gives specifics and definitive answers, which are helpful to kids.




Attracting Mates by Kimberley Jane Pryor
Pryor, Kimberley Jane Attracting Mates
Gr. K–3   32 pp. Smart Apple 2012
Pryor, Kimberley Jane Food and Feeding
Gr. K–3   32 pp. Smart Apple 2012
Pryor, Kimberley Jane Having Young
Gr. K–3   32 pp. Smart Apple 2012
Pryor, Kimberley Jane Homes
Gr. K–3   32 pp. Smart Apple 2012
Pryor, Kimberley Jane Migration
Gr. K–3   32 pp. Smart Apple 2012
Pryor, Kimberley Jane Movement
Gr. K–3   32 pp. Smart Apple 2012

Animal Lives series. Though the emphasis here is on breadth rather than depth, these books are well organized and helpfully formatted to demonstrate a wide range in each of the behaviors they treat. In each, a brief introduction is followed by a sample flow chart of, say, a food web; double-page spreads of different methods of feeding follow. Colorful captioned photographs and boxed facts supplement the texts. Glos., ind.
Subjects: Natural History; Animal behavior; Food chains; Food; Animals; Animal babies; Animal homes; Migration; Animal locomotion

Attracting mates


The last time we went to the library, we got a couple of books on kindness and consideration.Kindness by Kimberley Jane Pryor and Consideration by Sarah L. Schuette. Both books talk about helping others and being thoughtful. Kindness by Kimberley Jane Pryor goes into even more detail and gives examples of how you can be kind to your family, your friends and people in your community. This was a great way to start the conversation about doing random acts of kindness during the year.


Book review – Integrity – Values 2 series



Author: Kimberley Jane Pryor

This straight forward book for kids, discusses and breaks down what integrity really means.
Starting with values, ‘which are the things you believe in’, kids are encouraged to understand that the word ‘values’ means, ideas that guide the way you think, speak and behave.

The key words are in bold, making it easier to connect with the key concepts.

Photographs of children acting out the scenarios help to role-model positive action and bring alive the reality of these core values in everyday life.

“Integrity is meaning what you say. It is making sure that your words and behaviour matches.”

Integrity is expanded to introduce ‘Courage’ to do what is right, share your opinions even if others disagree with them, being honest and not hiding how you are feeling.

Each page also has an example of a situation that children might be able to apply the concept to.

How can we best act with integrity within the family, with friends, with neighbours?

Showing integrity in the family may mean keeping a promise to play with a younger child even if it is something that you don’t enjoy that much.

Having integrity means admitting mistakes and apologising. Telling the truth, when lying might keep you out of trouble. Doing the right thing, even when the wrong thing might be quicker and easier.

People with integrity live by their values. What do you like and dislike? Personal integrity is choosing to do activities and wear clothes that you like, rather than following others just to fit in.

Some people stand up for what they believe in by marching to show they care about their neighbourhood or their environment.

Being tolerant and learning not to judge people before you get to know them are all aspects of living with integrity.

Listening to other people’s opinions shows respect. Encouraging a friend to do something they want to do, but that you might not like, supports them. You can still stay true to your own values.

Being a good friend shows integrity. Loyal friends do not gossip or say mean things to their friends or about their friends. A person with integrity will not steal or be talked into things by their friends that they know is not the right thing to do. Visiting unsuitable internet sites is given as an example.

This thought provoking book is great to encourage discussion and to work with issues that all children face. Developing a personal set of values and being supported to understand how to act on these is a healthy character building experience.
An excellent foundation for early learning about values and integrity.

Integrity (Values 2)

Book review – Animals eating


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome photos!! April 21, 2012
By monkeelv
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseThe monkey eating fruit on the front cover caught my eye — as I love monkeys! (duh– I’m monkeelv). The author has a very well put together book! It has an interactive Table of Contents linking to each individual animal. At first I thought a TOC wasn’t really needed, but later when wanting to show the mole eating a worm to my husband (LOL) I found it quickly! The animals shown eating something are a sheep, rabbit, prairie dog, monkey, macaw, woodpecker, mole, otter, spider, frog, lizard, and sparrow. The photos are awesome closeups of the animal in action! My grandson is going to love this book when he is just a little bit older and can recognize the animals and their “food.” The author indicated the book is for children ages 2-7. I enjoyed it, too!

Everything is uniformly written; punctuation is perfect! The author includes an “About the Author” section in the back of the book. She has both the knowledge, education, and photography skills to have created this book. She also includes at the end of the book, links to the other books she has also written for children. If all of her books are of this quality and are as interesting as this one, I likely will be purchasing them in the future!

The book displayed perfectly on an iPad. On the Kindle Fire, the pages are just a little bit narrower, and so the last letter on grasshopper, the ‘r”, went on the next line. The pictures have a colored border around them. Also on the Fire, The far right border on the horizontal photos did not show; the entire photo was there, just the border was missing — and it really didn’t matter. This is one of the best books I have read/seen!

Animals eating

Book review – The seasons

5.0 out of 5 stars Bright and educational October 18, 2012
By Susan Keefe
Format:Kindle EditionThis bright and colourful book is part of the author’s Science and nature series.

Through lovely photographs and clear easy to read text, children are taught how the year is divided into the four seasons.

Each season is introduced and then descriptions are given into what to expect during that season, a fun, yet educational book for children aged 4 to 8 years.

The seasons – Australian version (Science & nature)

The seasons – American version (Science & nature)

Book review – Super sharks

5.0 out of 5 stars Super shark identification book for young children

September 22, 2012
By Susan Keefe
Format:Kindle Edition

Super sharks is a colourful book full of beautiful photographs, the text is clear and easily readable for young children. It’s aim is to encourage interest and teach children about sharks by giving a clue, then there’s a photograph before you learn the answer. It is a brilliant way to learn the names and how to identify many different species of shark.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Super book – Super sharks
February 15, 2013
By Jo Anne Clabaugh
Format:Kindle Edition
This isn’t your typical ebook with words on a page with an occasional picture. It is interactive with beautiful photos (if u can say a shark is beautiful). It also doesn’t get tied down in a lot of details about each shark. It gives a 2-7 yr olds age appropriate description and the asks “do you know what kind of shark I am?” Even my older kids enjoy reading it.

Super sharks

Book review – Australian parrots

5.0 out of 5 stars Colourful and extremely educational. September 22, 2012
By Susan Keefe
Format:Kindle Edition

Australian parrots is a beautiful book, full of colourful photographs and interesting information.

Whether you would just like to identify more species, or learn more about their differerent feeding requirements, their behaviour and breeding, this book is essential reading.

Kimberley has written this book for young people who are interested in these clever, beautiful birds, and would like to know more.

Australian parrots

Book Review – Velociraptor; Tyrannosaurus; Protoceratops

Velociraptor; Tyrannosaurus; Protoceratops/Kimberley Jane Pryor

This book series (Discovering Dinosaurs) was done with so much consistency from dinosaur to dinosaur that we loved spreading out all of the books and making comparisons with the different charts and diagrams.






Book review – Australian daytime birds of prey (Birds are awesome! series)

5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating, informative book August 20, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
If you have ever heard a Buzzards mew or watched a hawk drop to catch its prey you will love this book.
The incredible knowledge of this author is evident in the wealth of information it contains about birds of prey, their flight, behaviour and feeding.
Although it is recommended for children aged 6 to 12 I have to admit, having been an ornithologist for a very long time I found it very interesting and full of beautiful photographs taken by the author herself.