Galah nesting behaviour

Galahs usually nest in gum trees, in hollow limbs or holes that are two to twenty metres above the ground.

They also nest in suitable nesting boxes. They line their nest with fresh green leaves.

They chew away bark and rotting wood near the entrance to their nest.

They sometimes chew all the bark off a section of their nesting tree or a tree beside their nesting tree.

If they ringbark a tree, it will eventually die.
They rub their beaks and the sides of their faces on the wood near the nesting hollow. Their feather dust gives the wood a smooth and slippery finish.  You can see the feather dust (white patches) on this nesting box.

This is thought to stop lizards and snakes from reaching the nesting hollow. Galahs do this throughout the nesting season.

See how flexible their necks are in this video!

Galahs rubbing faces on tree

Australian parrots


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