Never overlook your own backyard

Our back yard has some wonderful visitors:

Here’s an eastern rosella,

IMG_1246 small

a galah

IMG_1273 small

and a crested pigeon on the clothes line.

IMG_1266 small

I’ve also had a pied butcherbird singing beautifully in the gum tree. Life is good!


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      • You are so lucky! I am from Tennessee. I actually adore parrots and have two Budgies and a Cockatiel. Looking out of my window and seeing those types of birds (as well as Cockatoos, Lories, etc.) flying free would be like a dream come true!

      • It’s lovely to meet someone from the USA. I have two pet cockatiels. I have rainbow lorikeets, eastern rosellas, little corellas, long-billed corellas and galahs in the yard almost every day, and have had king parrots, sulphur-crested cockatoos and yellow-tailed black-cockatoos occasionally. Best of all, we have had wild eastern rosellas and galahs nesting in nesting boxes in our gum trees on and off for 12 years. If you look at the birds in my backyard section of my web site, you’ll see some photos of them

      • Wow, I am just in awe of the wide array of parrots you have visiting your property there! I would be in heaven, as the only way I could find such an assortment here would be at a bird show (and it would cost a pretty penny to bring any of it closer to home). It’s nice to hear that you enjoy cockatiels also, as my Sydney owns a large part of my heart. I never knew those little birds could be such prolific talkers/whistlers, but he puts on quite the show when he is in the mood! I will head over to your website so I can see the pictures you mentioned and dream for a moment. Thanks for sharing!

      • I had a look at your website and your lovely birds. Cockatiels are amazing. We’ve had 3 – currently Jo Jo is our noisy one – he imitates lots of other birds, including noisy miners and currawongs. Sometimes he just goes on and on!

      • Thank you so much for viewing my website and offering such kind words about my birds! I have such fun with them. Jo sounds like my Tiel Sydney, although Syd is particularly fond of imitating speech and songs. Have you worked with Jo to teach him any phrases? I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how much Tiels can pick up!

      • We’ve had 3 and not one has uttered a word. I found Num Num in our backyard nearly 3 years ago, got Teddy to keep her company, he escaped last year, then we got Jo Jo to keep her company. Teddy and Jo Jo made lots of noise, but Jo Jo mimics other birds. I’m trying to teach him the Mockingjay

      • Wow, again it’s so amazing to think of just finding a cockatiel in the back yard! Last year I had the pleasure of finding an abandoned Mourning Dove chick near our neighborhood. I hand fed it for a day before transporting it to a wildlife rehabilitation facility (that is quite a task!). Did Num Num willingly come to you? Also, do Tiels regularly mimic other birds in the wild?

      • Hi, sorry I haven’t looked at my web site for a while. Yes, Num Num was so hungry and exhausted my husband just picked her up. We had a spare mouse cage with food and water containers, and wild bird seed, so popped her in and she seemed so relieved to have food and drink. I couldn’t find her owners so we ended up keeping her, and after 3 months bought her a companion because we thought she’d be happier. I don’t think they’d mimic other birds in the wild because they often travel in huge flocks of 100s, so would be communicating with each other. Have a look at this

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