Taking good things for granted

I got so used to seeing wonderful birds of prey every time I went out, that one day I decided to take blurry photos of them, just to see what effects I could get.

Here is a White-bellied Sea-Eagle,


a brown falcon,

IMG_9774 small

a swamp harrier

IMG_9709 small

and a whistling kite.

IMG_9675 small

I even took some photos of other birds that flew past, including a sulphur-crested cockatoo,

IMG_9855 small

an Australian raven

IMG_9683 small

and cattle egrets.

IMG_9808 small

That morning two months ago was perfect, the birds were abundant and some flew right over me. I could have taken some amazing photos, some of my best ever.

Since that day, I haven’t had a single opportunity as good. I hope the birds come back, because I’m ready and waiting, with all the right settings.


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