White-bellied Sea-Eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster

Common Name:  White-bellied Sea-Eagle

Scientific Name: Haliaeetus leucogaster


Distribution and habitat: White-bellied Sea-Eagles are found along the coast of Australia, and inland along large rivers. They live near large rivers, swamps and lakes, and by the sea.

Feeding: The White-bellied Sea-Eagle eats fishes, turtles, sea snakes, birds, mammals and dead animals. It finds food by watching from a perch, circling slowly or flying above the water. It dives or glides to snatch prey, usually in one foot, from the ground or water surface.

Breeding: White-bellied Sea-Eagles breed between May and October. They nest in a large stick nest lined with leaves in a tall tree or on the ground. The female lays 2 eggs. The chicks hatch after 42 days and leave the nest after about 70 days.

Did you know? White-bellied Sea-Eagles sometimes steal food from other birds.


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