Southern Boobook Ninox novaeseelandiae

Common Name: Southern Boobook

Scientific Name: Ninox novaeseelandiae

 Wiki Southern Boobook 2

Distribution and habitat: Southern Boobooks are found throughout Australia, and on some islands on the coast. They mostly live in forests and woodlands.

Feeding: The Southern Boobook eats insects such as moths, as well as bats, birds and mice. It mostly eats at night. It listens and watches from a high perch then seizes flying animals in mid-air or pounces on ground animals.

Breeding: Southern Boobooks breed from September to February. The nest is a hole in a tree lined with wood shavings, leaves and twigs. The female lays 2 – 5 eggs. The owlets hatch after 26 – 33 days and leave the nest after 35 – 42 days.

Did you know? Young Southern Boobooks are fed by their parents for 2 – 3 months after leaving the nest.

*photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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