Pacific Black Duck Anas superciliosa

Common Name:  Pacific Black Duck

Scientific Name: Anas superciliosa


Distribution and habitat: Pacific Black Ducks are found in most parts of Australia.  They live near all types of water, from forest pools to mudflats.

Feeding: The Pacific Black Duck mostly eats the seeds of water plants. It also eats small water animals. To eat, it plunges its head and neck underwater and raises its bottom out of the water.

Breeding: Pacific Black Ducks breed when there is plenty of water and food. They nest in a scrape in the ground, a cup in grasses or reeds, or a hole in a tree stump. The female lays 7 – 13 eggs. The ducklings hatch after 26 – 30 days and walk and swim soon after hatching.

Did you know? The adults waterproof themselves using oil excreted from the preening gland at the base of their tail.


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