Little Penguin Eudyptula minor

Common Name:  Little Penguin

Scientific Name: Eudyptula minor

 Wiki Little Penguin 1

Distribution and habitat: Little Penguins are found along the southern edge of Australia, including Tasmania. They also live in New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. They live in seas with water temperatures of 13 – 20oC.

Feeding: The Little Penguin eats small schooling fishes, squids and krill. It catches and swallows its prey underwater.

Breeding: Little Penguins breed from August to February at Phillip Island and April to December in Western Australia. The nest is a burrow in a sand dune. The female lays 2 eggs. The chicks hatch after 36 days and leave the nest after 56 – 63 days.

Did you know? Little Penguins are the only penguins that breed on the Australian mainland.

*photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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