Barn Owl Tyto alba

Common Name: Barn Owl

Scientific Name: Tyto alba

 Wiki Barn Owl 2

Distribution and habitat: Barn Owls are found all over Australia. They live in open country, heathlands and forests.

Feeding: A Barn Owl eats insects, frogs, lizards, birds, mice, rats and other small mammals.

Breeding: Barn Owls can breed at any time of year. They nest in a hole in a tree, a cave or an old building. The female lays 3 – 6 eggs. The owlets hatch after 30 days and leave the nest after 63 days. They stay with their parents for another four weeks.

Did you know? Barn Owls have such good hearing that they can hear and catch prey in complete darkness.

*photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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