Australasian Darter Anhinga novaehollandiae

Common Name: Australasian Darter

Scientific Name: Anhinga novaehollandiae

 AD IMG_3642 small

Distribution and habitat: Australasian Darters are found in eastern, northern and western Australia. They live near ponds, swamps and lakes that have branches and stumps for resting and drying wings.

Feeding: The Australasian Darter eats fishes and some insects and plants. It dives into water to catch a fish. It pierces the fish from underneath, flicks it onto the water surface and swallows it head first.

Breeding: Australasian Darters breed when there is plenty of water and food. The female builds a nest platform in the fork of a tree standing in water. The female lays 2 – 6 eggs. The chicks hatch after 28 days. They swim soon after hatching and fly after about 50 days.

Did you know? Australasian Darters can travel more than 2000 km when not breeding.


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