Baby galahs

We were thrilled to have 3 healthy baby galahs raised in our nesting box this season

P1060530 - Copy

My husband was able to get a photo which showed that 3 of the 4 eggs hatched.

IMG_7948 - Copy

This is our first glimpse of a baby: meet Neil

IMG_8188 - Copy

Neil got stronger.

IMG_8234 - Copy

He was well looked after by his parents.

IMG_8756 - Copy (2)

And then one day we saw Buzz.

IMG_8847 - Copy

IMG_8855 - Copy

Neil and Buzz looked out so much we couldn’t tell them apart.

IMG_8950 - Copy

We watched them being fed.

IMG_9307 - Copy - Copy

They were sooo cute!

IMG_9315 - Copy

And finally, when Neil left, little Svetlana got a chance to look out.

IMG_9405 - Copy

This is Svetlana on her last day in our yard.

IMG_9416 - Copy

And here she is being fed by Mrs Galah.


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