Birds in my backyard – September 3, 2013

P1280355 - CopyLast Sunday (August 25) we decided that the damage to the tree was getting so bad we would have to move the galahs (in the rosella box). It’s amazing how quickly such small birds can ringbark and kill a massive tree. I’ve seen them do it twice in my suburb.

P1280352 - Copy

There were four precious eggs in the nesting box. We kept them safe and moved the box onto the pole under the rosellas (who are in the galah box)!

P1280357The galahs flew around looking for their box – it was terrible. It got dark and I saw one go over towards the rosellas’ box. I don’t know if they found their own box during the night.

In the morning the galahs sat on the rosellas’ peg and screamed into the hole.

P1010753 - Copy

They saw their own box and one claimed it by rubbing its face on it.

P1010731 - Copy

By mid-morning we saw one go inside its own box.

P1010750 - Copy

I just hope they found their eggs during the night and that the eggs are viable. If the eggs are not, I hope the galahs realise straight away and lay again, instead of sitting on them. It was terrible to move them, but we couldn’t afford to lose the tree. Or part of our house, or our neighbour’s houses, if branches or the whole tree fell.

btw the rosellas are still in their box. Each pair is tolerating the other being so close. We are so lucky.

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