Check your facts

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

– Aldous Huxley


I couldn’t wait until the weekend, so I did a quick walk around my local football field last Wednesday. I was thrilled to see a Nankeen Kestrel on the goal posts!


On Saturday I was keen to get out and see more birds of prey. When I got to a favourite place in the afternoon, I saw a few Black Kites, and several Whistling Kites. At least two White-bellied Sea-Eagles flew over with food.


Then I saw a smaller dark bird, which I thought at first was a Brown Goshawk. It was the Black Falcon (more on that later!). It flew past and I got several nice shots.


I didn’t see any more birds of prey up close, but I was happy. And even happier when I saw a Little Falcon on the way home!


That night, I posted two shots of the dark bird on two bird forums. I labelled them Black Falcon, but was immediately told that it was a Brown Falcon, dark. I thought I had the falcons worked out! That will teach me to check my field guide EVERY time and think about what I’m seeing.

On Sunday, I went to another favourite place in the afternoon to get the lovely afternoon light. Sadly, although it had been clear all day, the clouds came over and hid the sun. A Black Falcon (I hope I’m right!) whizzed past several times. Then I was delighted to see it land on a branch. Despite the dull conditions I got lots of photos.


This time it hung around and even flew overhead and looked down at me!


I went home and checked my facts and yes, it was a Black Falcon. But I’m equally happy to see Brown or Black.


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