Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.
-Boris Pasternak


I got the greatest surprise yesterday. I noticed a Brown Falcon perched on the top of a distant bare tree. I watched it for quite a while, hoping to see it fly, but it seemed settled. I strolled up the hill and suddenly there it was, flying towards me. It was close, low down and facing the sun.

I frantically raised my camera and fired off as many shots as I could. I cut off a wing here, a head there, it was so close. It was gone in seconds. The shot below is the sharpest I have ever taken of a Brown Falcon in flight. If only the bird had a wing tip, I would have been ecstatic!


I thought I was watching the Brown Falcon again a little later then realised I was actually watching a Black Falcon.


A beautiful adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle flew over several times.



And as usual, Whistling Kites were circling over the paddocks.


I also saw a Wedge-tailed Eagle, a Swamp Harrier and many Black Kites.

When I go out birding, I think I know what to expect, but the birds usually manage to surprise me. And I love it.


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