Fun is good.
-Dr Seuss


After a week’s holiday, I was looking forward to seeing some birds of prey (although while I was away, I did see a Wedge-tailed Eagle and 3 Brahminy Kites – no photos sadly). On Saturday, I allowed myself to sleep in then was sorry when I woke up and saw a perfect blue sky. By the time I got to one of my favourite bird of prey places, there were streaky clouds, but I didn’t let that turn me away.

I saw several beautiful White-bellied Sea-Eagles of different ages …


An older Wedge-tailed Eagle …


Whistling Kites …


… and a Black-shouldered Kite that was hunting.



Not to mention many Black Kites, a Swamp Harrier and a Brown Falcon!

On Sunday I went out again, but didn’t see birds of prey at close range. I
did enjoy seeing an Australian Raven feeding its young – a first for me.


Late Sunday afternoon I visited a different bird of prey place. I had a clear sky and perfect afternoon light but the birds stayed high or far. Once the light went, a Black Kite circled me at close range! I saw two Black Kites that had settled down for the night.


I had a lot of fun doing what I enjoy most. And fun is good.


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