Expectation is the mother of all frustration.
– Antonio Banderas


I went out on Sunday expecting to take some really good photos after I gaining insights and knowledge at last week’s photography course. But the birds weren’t playing ball!
At the first place I went to, I got some nice photos of a perched Whistling Kite.


But the other birds of prey were too far away to make good flight subjects.
I went to a second place, my new favourite bird of prey place, and stood behind the fence looking wistfully at the Black Kites, which didn’t fly over me once.
I went to a third place and saw several birds of prey, but again they were all too far away. I had to settle for pelicans.

I decided to be robust and try again the next day. I went to the first place again and this time Black Kites flew over me. My photos looked sharp and well exposed on my camera’s LCD screen but shadowed and overexposed on the computer. Sigh!

I got some great action with a Whistling Kite chasing a Black Kite (top) and a  White-bellied Sea-Eagle wearing an Australian raven. Just look at the size difference!

Amazingly, as I was standing beside the car about to pack up I looked up and saw a Black Falcon above me. I rattled off 3 quick shots and it was gone.

I shake my head in frustration at my own shortcomings, then I remember that a few years ago I didn’t even know it was possible to get this close to wild birds of prey.


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