Don’t compare yourself to others

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.
– Lao Tzu


Yesterday, I went out birding with my new birding friend. We went to our new favourite bird of prey place and stood with our cameras in the cold morning wind, waiting for the perfect shot. We took hundreds of photos, but both thought we hadn’t managed any outstanding ones.
It was worth going out though – it always is – because what we see is so wonderful. This time we saw the Black Falcon several times, but always up high.


We had the thrill of seeing a Black Kite trying to steal food off a Black Falcon.


The Black Kites often chase other birds, like Black Falcons …


and White-bellied Sea-Eagles.


Then, for the first time, we saw two Black Falcons together. And they showed us some courtship behaviour!

Later that evening, I saw my friend’s photos on her web site. They were sharper and better exposed than mine, as they always are. I felt discouraged and wondered if I would ever get better.
But I told myself I’m on my own journey to being a better bird photographer and not to compare myself to anyone, even someone who is taking the same photos under the same conditions.
I have to remember to just be me, and to concentrate on being a better me than I was yesterday.


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