A wonderful Mother’s Day

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.
– Jessica Lange


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I didn’t want huge presents or a grand outing, I just wanted to relax and spend time with my children. They gave me some wonderful presents. My daughter gave me a sterling silver eagle charm, which I wore on a necklace. It must have been magical because while we were talking outside, I looked up and saw a bird of prey circling above our backyard. I ran inside to get my camera and managed a few photos before it ascended. The settings were completely wrong (ISO 3200!), as I had been trying to photograph flying Little Corellas the previous afternoon, but the photos showed the markings clearly.

I asked friends on a bird forum to help me identify it and they said it was the uncommon Little Eagle, dark morph! It was a wonderful Mother’s Day sighting, as I have only seen three Little Eagles – and all were light morphs – in all the years I’ve been photographing birds of prey.
My son gave me some camouflage fingerless gloves for cold mornings and some khaki bamboo socks to wear under my anti-snake boots. So I went out to my previous favourite bird of prey place and my sightings got even better. A Brown Goshawk rocketed past and I was able to get my best photos of one yet. I don’t see them very often either.

I stayed a while then went to my new favourite bird of prey place and snapped some photos of birds of prey by the golden-red late afternoon light. I got Black Kites perching


and flying,

and Whistling Kites flying.


I couldn’t see the Black Falcon but I felt lucky anyway. Especially when I went home to a delicious takeaway dinner!


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