Birdie Num Num is laying eggs

IMG_9556 - CopyOne of our cockatiels, Birdie Num Num, has started laying eggs. I thought she wanted to lay one a few weeks ago, so I made her an emergency nesting box out of a shoe box lined with aspen shavings.


Although she paid attention to the box straight away, widening the hole and going inside, she laid her first egg on a high perch and we found it smashed on the bottom of the cage.


But she laid the second one in the box and started to sit on it.

P1280216 - Copy

Then she laid the third…


then the fourth.

P1280238And there could be more to come. We’re almost certain the eggs are unfertilised, because although Teddy Yellow Bear was sold to us as a male, he has only just turned 1 and there is no sign of pair bonding.

But Num is determined to sit on her eggs and defend them against all of us, so we’ll just have to wait this out with her.


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