Once in a lifetime experience

Thought, creativity and learning arise from experience.
– Carla Hannaford

IMG_0840 - Copy

On Saturday I woke up early, but seeing clouds, went back to sleep. I spent the day washing clothes and planting grevilleas and bottlebrushes to attract lorikeets and rosellas to our garden.
By lunchtime the clouds were clearing and by mid afternoon they were gone.
I decided to reward myself for my hard work by heading out to my new favourite bird of prey place. I have seen lots of Black Kites there over the past few weeks – maybe 50 – and I wanted to get some more photos in the afternoon light.

IMG_0902 - Copy
When I arrived, there were quite a lot of Black Kites, and some came quite close.

IMG_0873 - Copy

The Black Falcon made several appearances, flying straight past me at top speed. At one stage, it was carrying food.

IMG_0807 - Copy
Then I saw a scene I’ll never forget. Hundreds of Black Kites were slowly moving towards me. I don’t know where they all came from, but I stood there with my mouth open, unable to believe my eyes. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were 500 in the air that day.

As I stood there, all alone on a deserted piece of road, I tried to drink in the sight and imprint it on my mind forever. Because these wonders of the natural world are things we may only see once in a lifetime, and some of us will never see them at all.

IMG_0858 - Copy


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