Birds in my backyard – April 2, 2013

IMG_5839 - Copy

Last week I spotted two brown birds of prey from my backyard. I was able to get one underexposed photo, and it was enough for friends on a bird forum to be able to identify a Square-tailed Kite. I was so excited as it was my first sighting of one.

Two days later, I heard my cockatiels scream in their outdoor cage, looked out the window and caught a glimpse of a red-brown, spotted bird of prey flying over their cage. I was shocked that my precious babies could have been snatched up, taken away and eaten! I’ve been covering the cage ever since.

The next day I saw the pair of Square-tailed Kites and managed to get some photos that were good enough to confirm the ID. I love seeing a new bird of prey, but I will be watching out for my cockatiels!


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