Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

– Anthony J. D’Angelo


I’ve ignored my passion for bird photography lately because I’ve had other things on my mind. Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:50 am, looked out the window and let a few clouds put me off making the effort to get up and go out.
I spent the day doing difficult, sweaty things: moving tiles, sweeping walls, scrubbing benches and mowing. By 5:50 pm, I decided that I would go out. I deserved to go out.
So I headed off to my favourite bird of prey place, even though I haven’t seen many birds there lately.
When I arrived, I saw the immature Black-shouldered Kite on the power line.


I got a nice photo of it perching, and an okay one of it flying away from me.

Blog47_3_IMG_5700A Whistling Kite flew over, but it was too far away to photograph. I crossed the road so I was facing east, but didn’t really expect to see any birds. I didn’t watch intently, as I should have. Instead, I picked multitudes of farmer’s friends off my clothes, and looked up occasionally.
Suddenly, I noticed a White-bellied Sea-eagle flying towards me. No, not one, but two.

Blog47_4_IMG_5712I raised the camera and started to click. Then a third one appeared! They were over me before I knew it, and I struggled to focus on them and frame them as they went behind the power lines. Blog47_5_IMG_5722I got several photos, but they were not as sharp as they should have been. What a buzz, seeing three of what I think are first immatures flying so close together.


I stayed as the sun disappeared, because I need to learn more about light, and how it affects my photos. A bit later a Swamp Harrier flew around but didn’t come as close as I would have liked.

Blog47_7_IMG_5741Then, much later, when there was almost no light, a Little Falcon flew over with what was probably a dragonfly in its talons.

Five birds of prey in an hour! What more do I need to make me happy? Maybe the skill to make the very best of such opportunities, so my photos are as sharp and well exposed as they should be. Time to put into practice my value of continuous learning!


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