You cannot make women contented with cooking and cleaning and you need not try.
– Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards


Cleaning. It’s not my favourite thing. But I have some beautiful pets that deserve to have the cleanest, healthiest environment I can provide.

Today is Saturday, the first day of yet another rainy weekend. I can’t go out and take photos of birds so I might as well spend time looking after my own birds.

I started the day by noticing that my cockatiels needed new plants in their cage. The old plants were a bit shriveled. Then I cut up some fruit and vegies, and changed the pellets and shell grit. I was on a roll. I wiped down the cage, changed the bottom tray and threw out two wooden ladders that were encrusted with you know what.


Turning to my left, I noticed that the marine fish tank needed a clean. There was a thin film of algae on the glass. I got out the chair and scrubbers, rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I finished up by cleaning the dust off the top glass, topping up the water and putting the fish food containers on a pretty tray. Done!


Walking into the kitchen, I remembered that my freshwater fish tank was overdue for a water change. Out came the towel and watering can again. I poured the used water into the one garden that isn’t impossibly waterlogged from all the rain and filled the tank with fresh water. I scrubbed the glass and fertilised the plants. In a little while I’ll clean the filter material.


It’s taken most of the day to do this, but my pets are worth every bit of care I can give them. They add so much to my life.

Now … what do the dog and cat need?


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