Set goals

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

– Jim Rohn


As it’s nearly the end of 2012, I’m thinking about setting goals for 2013.
I’ve spent a lot of time photographing birds, but I still don’t know as much as I should about them.
One of my goals for 2013 is to learn about a bird a week. That means learning about distribution, habitat, appearance (juvenile, immature, adult, breeding, flight), feeding, behaviour and nesting. This is a breeding Cattle Egret.


I’ll start with birds of prey, such as the White-bellied Sea-Eagle  at the top of this post, (would I start with anything else?) and I’ll move on from there, probably to parrots then probably to water birds. I’ll concentrate on my local species, such as this Masked Lapwing,


then maybe learn about species that interest me from other parts of Australia. I may even learn about birds of prey from around the world!
I’ve learnt a tremendous amount about parrots from having them nest in my backyard. And as I write this, our baby Eastern Rosellas are almost old enough to fly. I got my first photograph of one this morning.


There’s always more to learn about birds. Watching them imprints them on your heart, photographing them keeps your outings alive in your memory and reading about them helps you appreciate their individual habits and quirks.


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