Are you fascinated by sharks? Learn all about them in Sharks … are great!

In this ebook, you will learn fascinating facts about sharks, including:

What they look like
How they feed
Which senses they use
How they reproduce
Whether sharks are dangerous to people
Whether people are dangerous to sharks
How people can help sharks

This ebook has 26 magnificent colour photographs of sharks in their natural habitats. It is suitable for 6 to 12 year old readers.

What are sharks?

Sharks are fishes. A fish is a cold-blooded animal that lives in water. It has a scaly skin, gills for breathing and fins for swimming.

How long have sharks been around?

Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years. They may not have changed very much during this period of time.

How many different species of sharks are there?

People have discovered about 400 different species of sharks. They may discover even more in the future!

Where do sharks live?

Sharks live in seas and oceans. They live in warm water and cool water and in shallow water and deep water. A few can swim in fresh water in rivers.

Would you like to find out more about sharks?



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