It’s never as bad as it seems

It’s never as good as it feels, and it’s never as bad as it seems.
– Edward Zander

Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I went to my favourite bird of prey place. I got such a shock. Right near where I normally park my car, a big digger was digging up dirt. And farther across the paddock, down the hill where the swamp harriers hunt, was evidence of more digging.
I felt sick. I’d forgotten the land had sold a few months ago because nothing had changed until now. I wondered what was going to happen to it.

Instead of flying over my head, the ravens were perched all over the dug ground. And I saw several Whistling Kites, a White-bellied Sea-Eagle and a Swamp Harrier fly low over it.

What were they feeling? I wondered. Were they feeling defensive? anxious? curious?

I didn’t know.

Luckily, the new owner of the property came over to say hello. He explained that he was just fixing existing dams that had become overgrown.

I felt so relieved. I would be devastated if the birds left and I couldn’t visit them anymore.

On the way home I stopped to see if there was a baby in the brown falcon nest. I managed to creep up to a tree near the nest tree. I could just make out an eye behind the twigs of the nest.

Suddenly, I realised I had been spotted!

One of the parents flew right at me. I stood still beside the tree, trying to show that I offered no threat. The parent did a few passes, screeching all the while and being pursued by a noisy miner.

I took a few photos – mostly blurry, I later found out – and retreated because I didn’t want to stress the birds at nesting time.

As I drove home, my thoughts returned to my favourite bird of prey place. I felt thankful that the changes to it were not as bad as they first seemed.

Birds of prey


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