Making the most of what you’ve got

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
– E. O. Wilson

My precious baby Galahs have all flown the nest and my baby Eastern Rosellas haven’t hatched yet. I’ve spent the last two weeks photographing them and haven’t gone out to look for any other birds. Now I feel as if I have nothing left to photograph in my back yard. But I need to look more carefully. Common birds can be interesting and beautiful. This is the well-named Noisy Miner.

Noisy Miners are in my back yard every day. I can photograph them on my lovely native flowers. They are native birds, but many people see them as pests because they chase away other birds. In my garden they are okay with the regular birds, but I do get cranky when they chase away unusual visitors that I’d like to photograph.
This morning I went to my favourite bird of prey place. Most of the birds of prey weren’t very close and I was sluggish at tracking the ones that were.
After a while, I decided to make the most of what I had. And what I had was ravens, at least fifty of them, circling around me.

I have trouble photographing them well because they are black and they fly strongly. But I gave it a go.

I was just about to pack up when some better birds came along. I saw a Whistling Kite and a Swamp Harrier flying together (see top). Then I saw a beautiful White-bellied Sea-Eagle, flanked of course by a raven.

As I photographed them, I felt glad that I’d stayed to make the most of what I had. Staying meant that I was there when birds I really wanted to see showed up.

Birds of prey


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