Birds in my backyard – Nov 9, 2012

Our second Galah baby, Wilbur, flew away with his parents at 5:50 pm last Sunday. Best of luck Wilbur!

Before he flew, we were thrilled to catch sight of a third baby galah!

Here she is, our little Amelia. She is still in the box today. We’re going to miss the Galahs terribly when she goes and the box is empty. There is no sign of another baby.

We still have the rosellas to watch. They’ve been in the box for two weeks now so the babies should hatch sometime in the next two weeks (incubation is three weeks). Here is Mrs Rosella going back into the box.

Note: We always give the baby Galahs boy’s names because they all have brown eyes, so they all look like boys. But we felt we had to be fair and give the third baby Galah a girl’s name.


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