Bird of the week – Long-billed Corella Cacatua tenuirostris

The Long-billed Corella is a medium-sized white cockatoo. It is usually seen in trees, such as gum trees, or feeding in flocks on the ground. It makes a two-syllable yodelling call and also shrieks when alarmed.

What the Long-billed Corella looks like

The Long-billed Corella is 38-41 cm in length. It is white with pale yellow under its wings and tail. The Long-billed Corella has red markings between its beak and eyes and across its throat. It has a long bone-coloured beak, a bare blue ring around its dark brown eyes and grey legs and feet.

Where the Long-billed Corella lives

The Long-billed Corella lives in south-eastern Australia. It is found in open forests, woodlands, grasslands, farmlands and parks in towns and cities.

What the Long-billed Corella eats

The Long-billed Corella eats seeds, roots, bulbs and insects. It feeds on the ground.

How the Long-billed Corella breeds

Long-billed Corellas usually mate for life.

The adults breed from winter until summer. Both parents prepare the nest.

The female lays one to four (usually two) eggs in a hole in a tree. Both parents sit on the eggs to keep them warm.

The chicks hatch after three and a half weeks. Both parents feed them.

The chicks leave the nest after seven to eight weeks. Both parents feed them for another three weeks.

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    • I need to clarify something about the long billed corella to you .Yes they do mate for life when possible , but in my case with my corella after loosing her partner of 5 yrs & raising 5 young ones in 2yrs they did well.After her loss she has bonded to me , after 5yrs she decided to start laying eggs .So far this month she’s layed 9 eggs , what I’m trying to say is that they do lay more then 2/4 eggs for your information

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