Personal best

(sport) a sportsperson’s personal best is the highest score or fastest time they have ever achieved

I love looking at birds of prey. I really, really do. And I love taking photos of them, especially good photos.
I also love the idea of ‘personal best’, or PB. To me, it means that I should strive to do the best I’ve ever done and be the best I can be. It means that I do not have to compete with others, even if I am doing the same thing. It means that I just have to have ‘continual improvement’ (of myself) as one of my personal values.
The image above, which I took yesterday, is a PB. It’s my personal best photo of an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle. I feel very pleased with it because it is hard to get a really good image.
The bird is often just too far away for a sharp photo.

The photo can be overexposed.

The bird can be in shadow if the sun is not where I need it to be.

The bird is often flying away from me.

I can’t spend hours waiting for the perfect shot, so I am overjoyed and grateful when a bird flies towards me, it is flying low, the sun is behind me and I have my camera ready with a charged battery.
The photo at the top is my personal best at the moment, but personal bests are meant to be bettered, just as records are meant to be broken. So watch this space for an even better photo of an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle … or a young White-bellied Sea-Eagle … or a Whistling Kite … or a Swamp Harrier …

So many birds, so little time!

Australian daytime birds of prey

birds of prey

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