Seeking sunsets

I always say that the times in my life when I’ve been happiest are the times when I’ve seen, like, a sunset.

– Chris Evans

Yesterday I had the urge to take a photo of birds in flight at sunset. Something like a flock of sacred ibis, in perfect V-formation, flying across a flaming orange sky.

Being me, I went to my favourite bird of prey place first. I had to wait somewhere for sunset, right? While I was there, I saw a Whistling Kite passing food from its feet to its beak. Very cool.

And I saw a spectacular adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle flying with a raven (whether it wanted to or not). Here they are: Maverick and Goose.

On my way to the river to watch the sunset, I saw a Little Falcon on a power line. Luckily I was able to stop and take some photos. I hid behind a tree, but it heard me, and looked right at me.

When it stretched, it revealed the stunning patterns under its wings and tail.

When I finally got to the river, I first saw some geese lit up by the day’s last rays of sunshine. Although they’re not native birds, I couldn’t resist photographing them.

I walked across a sports field, hoping that flocks of birds would fly over me. But only one did. It was a small group of black swans, looking powerful and elegant with their swift flight and impossibly long necks. You can see them at the top of this post. I stood on the river bank, but didn’t see any more birds. Nevertheless, I felt as if the sunset was the perfect end to my day.

Australian daytime birds of prey

birds of prey


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