Make memories because no one can take them away.

– Cyndi Neumann

When you visit your favourite places, do you see your memories superimposed over them, like photos stuck to a fridge?
When I visit my favourite birding places, I ‘see’ birds that were there long ago.
This was one of my favourite birding places last year.It doesn’t look much does it? Just a few trees – some of them bare – in a paddock.But last year, in the bare tree on the left, I spotted a bird of prey. When I investigated, I discovered that it was a Whistling Kite.
I thought it was a great find! After that, I visited this place every few weeks. The Whistling Kite and its mate sometimes flew low enough for me to take decent photographs of them. They showed me lots of interesting behaviours. One day, I even saw them share food.

I watched them preen, and take off and land.

In the leafy tree in the middle, I found their nest. One day, I saw their baby; my very first baby Whistling Kite. How lucky I felt to just stand and watch it.

In the bare tree on the right, I saw some ferocious action. And not from birds of prey, but from Eastern Rosellas! These males were battling for territory and put on an amazing show.

I’ve visited this place a couple of times this year. I haven’t seen the Whistling Kites or the Eastern Rosellas. Maybe they’re nesting elsewhere. But if I look carefully, I can see other birds. A Galah here, a Magpie-lark there. And these dear little White-breasted Woodswallows.

This place already holds so many precious memories. And when I look at the White-breasted Woodswallows, I know that it will hold many more.

Australian daytime birds of prey

Australian parrots


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