Bird of the week – Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a very colourful parrot. It is usually seen in flowering or fruiting shrubs and trees, including those growing in towns and cities. Its call is a noisy screech, or a chattering sound while feeding.

What the Rainbow Lorikeet looks like

The Rainbow Lorikeet is 28-32 cm in length. It has a blue head and a yellow-green or orange collar. It has an yellow-orange breast, a blue belly and green wings, back and tail. It has a red beak, red eyes and brown-grey legs and feet.

Where the Rainbow Lorikeet lives

The Rainbow Lorikeet lives in northern and eastern Australia. It is found in rainforests, forests, woodlands and gardens.

What the Rainbow Lorikeet eats

The Rainbow Lorikeet eats the nectar and pollen of flowers. It has a special brush-tipped tongue to help it gather these foods. It also eats some fruits, seeds and insects.

How the Rainbow Lorikeet breeds

Rainbow Lorikeets usually mate for life.

The adults breed from winter until summer.

The female lays two eggs in a hollow branch of a gum tree.

The chicks hatch after about three and a half weeks.

The chicks leave the nest after about six and a half to eight weeks. The parents may keep feeding them for a while.

Australian parrots


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