Make the most of any weather

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Today when I woke up, I looked out the window and saw a cloudy sky. At first I cursed myself, because I had decided not to take bird photographs on the weekend, which was sunny. Then I decided that there was nothing wrong with today, and that I would take my eyes off the sky for a change and look for birds on the ground and in the shrubs.

So I walked slowly and quietly around a local pond, looking and listening.

The first birds I saw were two Purple Swamphens foraging in the grass. They were skittish, and kept ducking behind trees. Then I saw a well camouflaged Spotted Dove dozing on a branch (see photo above).

A flash of gold caught my eye. Expecting a Yellow Thornbill, I was delighted to see a male Golden Whistler. What a beautiful bird it was. It moved from branch to branch and I was lucky to get a few ordinary photos.

I think I then spotted his mate, who wasn’t nearly so glorious.

I heard many birds in the bull rushes and trees, but couldn’t see them. I saw many more, but wasn’t fast enough to focus on them before they flitted away. But as I walked along a path, I spotted a Red Wattle Bird in a fruiting tree.

As I left the pond, I reminded myself that I can take photos of birds in any weather. I don’t have to wait for a perfect blue sky. And it’s nice to sometimes not know what birds to expect.


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