Bird of the week – Eastern Rosella Platycercus eximius

The Eastern Rosella is a colourful parrot. It is usually seen in trees, such as gum trees, or feeding on the ground in grassy areas. It uses a number of different calls.

What the Eastern Rosella looks like

The Eastern Rosella is 28-32 cm in length. It has white cheek patches and a red head, neck and upper breast. The feathers on its back and wings are black with yellow edges. The Eastern Rosella has blue shoulders, a yellow lower breast, a green belly, a green rump, a red undertail and a blue tail. It has a white beak, dark brown eyes and dark grey legs.

Where the Eastern Rosella lives

The Eastern Rosella lives in south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania. It is found in woodlands, grasslands and farmlands.

What the Eastern Rosella eats

The Eastern Rosella eats seeds, buds, flowers, nectar, fruits, nuts and insects. It feeds on the ground or in flowering or seeding trees.

How the Eastern Rosella breeds

Eastern rosellas usually mate for life.

The adults breed from late winter until summer.

The female lays four to eight eggs in a hole in a tree or stump.

The chicks hatch after about three weeks.

The chicks leave the nest after about five weeks. The parents may keep feeding them for a while.

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