Birding clothes

When I go out birding, I like to wear camouflage clothes. Now I know that birds of prey have incredible eyesight, and they WILL see me. There’s no doubt about that. But once I was standing still and a nankeen kestrel landed on a power pole beside me. Its attention must have been elsewhere. I took some of my best nankeen kestrel photos before it saw me and flew away.

Actually, I think camouflage clothes sometimes draw the birds of prey to me.

What is that? they seem to be saying as they circle above me. An animal or a plant?

Other birds and animals are more likely to be fooled. Once I was standing beside a bush watching a whistling kite nest and two hares hopped to within two metres of me.


My favourite camouflage gear has realistic – photographic – images of leaves and twigs.

Places to buy it include:

  • Army disposal stores
  • Camping shops
  • Archery shops
  • Hunting and outdoor sports shops
  • Hardware stores
  • Online stores



I wear a lightweight scarf either by itself or under my cap or hat. It’s the only thing that keeps my hair out of my face and stops it from blowing in front of my camera. I bought my scarf at a local camping shop.


I bought a great cap at a local army disposal store. It even has LEDs on the brim!


I recently bought a hat at a local archery shop. I will be wearing it to protect my face and neck from the sun this spring and summer.


In winter, I appreciate my snug polar fleece beanie. I bought it at a local army disposal store.



I pop my camouflage T-shirt over the T-shirt I am wearing so I can take it off easily if I need to go somewhere after birding. I bought my T-shirt at a local archery shop.


On cold mornings I really appreciate my warm polar fleece camouflage jacket. I bought it at a local camping store.

Long pants

I don’t want to look too eccentric – I’m kidding, right? – so I wear a normal pair of olive or khaki pants.

Fingerless gloves

My fingerless gloves are black, but I might treat myself to some camouflage ones next winter. They stop my hands from getting painfully cold and stiff on icy mornings.



I bought my gumboots at a local hardware shop. They protect my feet from water and mud and, I desperately hope, our venomous Australian snakes.


I wear long socks under my gumboots, otherwise my legs become very hot and uncomfortable. Ski socks or footy socks work just fine.

Happy birding!


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