Bird of the week – Galah Eolophus roseicapillus

The Galah is a cockatoo. It is usually seen feeding in small groups in open grassy areas. It likes to play on power lines, fences and ropes. Its call is a high-pitched screech.

What the Galah looks like

The Galah is 35 – 36 cm in length. It has a grey back, a rose-pink head, breast and belly, and a pale pink crest. Females have red-brown eyes and males have brown-black eyes. The Galah has a pale grey beak and grey legs and feet.

Where the Galah lives

The Galah lives in most parts of Australia. It is found in open country with trees for roosting, usually near water.

What the Galah eats

The Galah eats the seeds of grasses, weeds and crops. It usually feeds on the ground. It sometimes holds food with its left foot.

How the Galah breeds

A Galah stays with the same mate for life.

The adults breed from late winter to spring. They choose a nest tree that has a suitable hollow in it. They line the hollow with leaves and they mate.

The female lays two to six (usually three or four) eggs in the hollow.

The chicks hatch after four and a half weeks.

The chicks leave the hollow after six to eight weeks. The parents keep feeding them for another six to eight weeks.

Australian parrots

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