In this simple ebook, babies and toddlers will be able to look at 12 stunning parrots.
Each page has a photograph of one parrot. The name of the parrot is underneath the photograph.
The parrots featured are: blue and gold macaw, long-billed corella, scaly-breasted lorikeet, yellow-tailed black-cockatoo, galah, eastern rosella, eclectus parrot, sulphur-crested cockatoo, rainbow lorikeet, red-rumped parrot, musk lorikeet and little corella.
Parrots is Book 14 in the First animals series. The First animals series is ideal for babies to 3 year olds who are just discovering the wonderful animals that share our world.
 blue and gold macaw

long-billed corella

scaly-breasted lorikeet

 yellow-tailed black-cockatoos
Do you want to see some more parrots?

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