Change does not always mean improvement

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

– Ellen Glasgow

I wanted to show you something new today but I’m afraid I’m not going to deliver. I made a change to my weekly bird photography outing, but it wasn’t radical enough to produce results.

The change I made was going to my favourite bird of prey place in the afternoon instead of the morning. Some change, you say! Well, I was hoping if I went out in the afternoon I’d see more birds of prey, especially more white-bellied sea-eagles, and I’d see some at close-range. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. I saw at least 5 whistling kites and an immature white-bellied sea-eagle, but they were a fair way away.

I considered going to a different place. Somewhere I’ve never been before. But it’s hard for me to tear myself away from a place where birds of prey have circled around me.

I thought hard about what I need to do to get better photos. And it’s this: I need to get as close as possible to the birds to get really sharp images of them. If I’m too far away I get blurry images, and I delete them, no matter how exciting the action or how good the exposure.

It’s really hard to get close to flying birds of prey. Especially if they’re flying over someone else’s land. They cross a vast area in seconds.

My favourite bird of prey place gives me good opportunities to get close to flying birds of prey. Other places wouldn’t give me better opportunities, unless of course I got lucky.

I still need to make changes. But not to everything I’m doing. Thank goodness! I love my favourite bird of prey place and I don’t want to move on.

birds of prey

Australian daytime birds of prey


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