Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

– Albert Einstein

I woke up nice and early on Sunday morning and drove to my usual bird of prey place. It was a wonderful winter morning; cold but with a one hundred per cent blue sky.

I parked near the tree with the whistling kite nest. One of the birds was sitting on a post eating something furry. The bird looked beautiful in the golden morning light. I stayed in the car and took photos of both birds when they started bringing sticks and leaves back to the nest.

The photo above is quite nice. But it isn’t any better than photos than I took months ago (maybe even more than a year ago). I’m not improving. I’ve reached a plateau in my bird photography and I need to do something different to step up off it.

The reason I’ve reached a plateau is that I’m doing the same thing over and over again. I’m going to the same bird of prey place and taking photos from the same spot.

I’m also using the same camera settings each time. I decided they were optimal, but are they? I’m not thinking about them anymore. And I’m not reading my camera manual, or photography books or online forums to improve my knowledge.

It’s funny; continual learning is one of my values but I’m not applying it to my bird photography.

As I looked through my photos yesterday, I vowed to present something different on my blog next week. Something that shows you that I’ve learnt something new.

birds of prey

Australian daytime birds of prey



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