Doing something different

Always do something different. Always different things.

– Josh Lucas

Last Saturday I woke up early, looked out the window and saw a grey sky. I drifted off to sleep again. I woke up again at 8:30 am. I looked out the window and saw a blue and cloudless sky.

Is it worth going out to my favourite bird of prey place? I wondered. The sun will be too high in the sky.

I went out anyway.

I told myself that I would only take photos of birds of prey that were quite close to me, so I wouldn’t have to look at hundreds of photos then delete most of them (last week I took 719 photos).

I spent quite a lot of time there, watching more than photographing. It was great not to have to hurry home. After a couple of hours I decided to do something different. Not very different. But just a variation on what I usually do.

I walked farther down the road to where I could see a group of cows and egrets. I took a few photos, but the cows were a bit far away and I was contained by a barbed wire fence.

Suddenly a whistling kite flew over my shoulder. It flew lower than any I’ve seen – about 5 metres from the ground – then flew in circles around me. I didn’t get any good photos because the sun was high in the sky by then but wow! What an experience!

At one stage the bird was so close I couldn’t even fit it in the frame. This photo hasn’t been cropped.

The funny thing was that by doing something different – not looking at the birds of prey – I attracted one to me.

birds of prey

Australian daytime birds of prey




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