Coral reef fishes 

In this simple ebook, babies and toddlers will be able to look at 12 colourful coral reef fishes.

Each page has a photograph of one coral reef fish. The name of the coral reef fish is underneath the photograph.

The coral reef fishes featured are: blue tang, bluestreak cleaner wrasse, clownfish, convict surgeonfish, daisy parrotfish, dot-and-dash butterflyfish, fire goby, flame angelfish, lyretail anthias, moorish idol, Picasso triggerfish and schooling bannerfish.

Coral reef fishes is Book 13 in the First animals series. The First animals series is ideal for babies to 3 year olds who are just discovering the wonderful animals that share our world.

Coral reef fishes 

 blue tang

bluestreak cleaner wrasse



 convict surgeonfish

Do you want to see some more coral reef fishes?

Coral reef fishes