Noticing the details

Details create the big picture.

– Sanford I.Weill


When I have time to go birding, I usually head out to one of a few places. My goal is to photograph birds of prey, specifically birds in flight. I never, ever get bored with doing this.

My favourite place consists of a country road with rolling paddocks on either side. There are trees on the far side of one paddock; swamps on the low part of the other.

The birds of prey are varied and abundant. I see many every time I go there, although they are usually not as close to me as I would like them to be!

Yesterday morning I went to my favourite place. I loved just being there, 100% immersed in watching and photographing the birds of prey.

Then I heard a sound; one of my favourite sounds in the whole world. It was the wail of a yellow-tailed black-cockatoo. I turned and saw not one, but two, flying slowly towards me. I raised my camera and managed to get a few photos before they disappeared.

I know that I think of my favourite place as a bird of prey place. But I need to remember that there are other birds – fabulous birds – that help to make it the magnificent place it is.

Flying birds

Australian parrots


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