Book review – Honesty (Values Set 1 series)

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
I got this book because my kindergartner was struggling with lying, stealing, being sneaky, etc. I was so happy to find a straightforward book about honesty and all the different ways it crops up in life (i.e. telling the whole truth not just part, doing what you say you will do). I read the book to him a couple times but he was able to read it himself, which was good. Every time he did something that fit, I had him flip to the page where it talked about the kind of dishonesty he showed. The nicest thing was that the sentences were short, simple, and to the point. Since when I talk to him one on one, explaining this stuff can get kind of complicated and wordy, it was nice to have as good a picture as possible.Definitely a staple. You’d think that all kids were perfect angels, with the little coverage on values out there today!

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