Book review – Values Set 1 series

PRYOR, Kimberley Jane. Cooperation. ISBN 978-0-7614-3124-4. LC 2008001617.
PRYOR, Kimberley Jane. Courage. ISBN 978-0-7614-3131-2. LC 2008001662.
PRYOR, Kimberley Jane. Honesty. ISBN 978-0-7614-3125-1. LC 2008001673. ea vol: 32p. (Values Series). photos. glossary. index. CIP. Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark. 2008. PLB $19.95.

Gr 1–3—These well-executed books provide simple definitions of values and of the specific value, examples of how it can be demonstrated, and a breakdown of the behavior into individual actions. For example, cooperation is described as following instructions, sharing, and solving problems. Each value is considered in a direct manner, which makes the books useful for the younger part of the age range, while the titles will provide springboards for discussion among the older children. The brief texts are accompanied by attractive, captioned color photographs of children, some with adults.—Linda Staskus, Parma Regional Library, OH

PRYOR, Kimberley Jane. Kindness. ISBN 978-0-7614-3126-8. LC 2008001661.
PRYOR, Kimberley Jane. Respect. ISBN 978-0-7614-3128-2. LC 2008001669.
PRYOR, Kimberley Jane. Tolerance. ISBN 978-0-7614-3129-9. LC 2008001672. ea vol: 32p. (Values Series). photos. glossary. index. CIP. Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark. 2008. PLB $19.95.

Gr 1–3—These titles offer clear descriptions and plenty of discussion points that will be useful in introducing values or discussing problem behaviors in the classroom, though students will not check the books out on their own. Each one begins with a bulleted explanation of the word “values”: “Values are the things you believe in. They guide the way you think, you speak, you behave.” The rest of the text describes a certain quality, e.g., “Kindness is being friendly.” The author then goes on to discuss examples of behaviors and emotions such as being kind to family and friends, feeling sympathy, and caring. The accompanying color photographs, showing children that appear to be unposed, are age-appropriate, culturally diverse, and complement the narratives.—Stephanie Farnlacher, Trace Crossings Elementary School, Hoover, AL








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