Book review – Animals eating (Animal readers series)

Animals eating

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Awesome photos!! April 21, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
The monkey eating fruit on the front cover caught my eye — as I love monkeys! (duh– I’m monkeelv). The author has a very well put together book! It has an interactive Table of Contents linking to each individual animal. At first I thought a TOC wasn’t really needed, but later when wanting to show the mole eating a worm to my husband (LOL) I found it quickly! The animals shown eating something are a sheep, rabbit, prairie dog, monkey, macaw, woodpecker, mole, otter, spider, frog, lizard, and sparrow. The photos are awesome closeups of the animal in action! My grandson is going to love this book when he is just a little bit older and can recognize the animals and their “food.” The author indicated the book is for children ages 2-7. I enjoyed it, too!
Everything is uniformly written; punctuation is perfect! The author includes an “About the Author” section in the back of the book. She has both the knowledge, education, and photography skills to have created this book. She also includes at the end of the book, links to the other books she has also written for children. If all of her books are of this quality and are as interesting as this one, I likely will be purchasing them in the future!
The book displayed perfectly on an iPad. On the Kindle Fire, the pages are just a little bit narrower, and so the last letter on grasshopper, the ‘r”, went on the next line. The pictures have a colored border around them. Also on the Fire, The far right border on the horizontal photos did not show; the entire photo was there, just the border was missing — and it really didn’t matter. This is one of the best books I have read/seen!


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