Just who is Kiana Kamaka?

Kiana Kamaka is a show-stopper. I mean, she’s really beautiful.

So what does Kiana look like? She’s nine years old. Her skin is a perfect golden-brown. Her hair flows down her back like a dark chocolate waterfall. Like her best friend, Fallon Connolly, she wears expensive clothes and shoes from the surf shop. And she just LOVES nail polish.

Kiana is pretty good at most things, including swimming and running. So she always does well at the school carnivals.

Kiana is not super smart. But she’s a loyal friend, and that counts for a lot.

She doesn’t really have a problem with Ava Reid. But Fallon does, and that’s good enough for Kiana.

You can meet Kiana in the Birdgirl series. Check out these titles:

Swimming surprises

Cross country capers

Athletics antics

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