Remembering your past successes 

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.

– George Edward Woodberry


You’re probably thinking that today’s quote doesn’t really match the title of today’s blog. And you’re right. Today’s blog was meant to be all about remembering your past successes.

As usual, before I started writing my blog, I searched for an apt quote. And searched. And searched. I found motivational pages which recommended remembering your past successes. But I didn’t find a quote. Not one that was a good fit with what I wanted to write about.

After an hour and a half of fruitless searching, I went for a walk. I hoped inspiration would strike. And if it didn’t, my body and my dog would be grateful for the attention.

Luckily inspiration did strike (eventually). I realised that my fruitless search for a quote was worthy of a quote itself! I had tried very hard to find a quote. And there were quotes which said that trying was a form of success. And that not trying was failure. So I chose the quote above.

Anyway, back to my blog. In last week’s blog, I wrote about how I had wanted to photograph a swamp harrier for a long time and how I got the opportunity to do so.

Last night I looked through some of my favourite bird photos and found a photo I took a while ago of a swamp harrier. I absolutely LOVE the photo! I love the lighting and I love the bird’s position and expression. I had almost forgotten that photo. So I saved it as the desktop background on my computer.

When I look at it, I realise that it’s important to remember your successes in life, whether you repeat them or not.

Birds of prey

Australian daytime birds of prey