Just who is Fallon Connolly?

Fallon Connolly knows she’s pretty. She’s heard her mother say it a zillion times.

So what does Fallon look like? She’s nine years old. She has blue eyes and long shiny blonde hair. She usually wears her hair in a fancy braid, which she tosses over her shoulder. She likes to wear expensive clothes and shoes from the surf shop.

Fallon is good at a lot of things. I mean really good. She goes to athletics in summer and she always comes first in the 100 metres. She also goes to swimming club. She usually comes first in the 50 metres in all swimming styles. So she expects to win all the races she enters at the school carnivals and be the age champion.

Fallon is pretty smart. Not smart enough to win a maths award. But smart enough to get other people into trouble. And to stay out of trouble herself.

Fallon doesn’t like Ava Reid. Not because Ava’s done anything bad to her. But because Ava looks like a creepy piano teacher who used to hit Fallon’s knuckles with a ruler.

Fallon’s best friend is Kiana Kamaka. Together, Fallon and Kiana try to keep Ava from thinking she’s more important than she really is.

You can meet Fallon in the Birdgirl series. Check out these titles:

Swimming surprises

Cross country capers

Athletics antics


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